Porous Paver – Grass Infill

T-PAVE TP40 is a porous paver that can provide a solution to a wide range of trafficking needs over grass surfaces. The need might be an overflow car park, an emergency access route or wheel chair/disabled access. T-PAVE TP40 grass pavers have been developed to meet the demands of a grass finish for a porous plastic paver and manufactured using carefully selected recycled plastics. T-PAVE TP40 grass pavers meet the demands and loadings imposed across a wide range of traffic loads, frequencies of use and site conditions, and to meet the demands of a grass finish for a porous plastic paver.

Applications / Uses;-

* Overflow grassed car parks

* Wheelchair / disabled access paths

* Free draining pedestrian paths

* Fire access roads / lanes

* Cycle paths

* Access routes and roads

* Grass Lawns

T-PAVE TP40 porous plastic pavers can be filled with root zone and then seeded to give a grassed finish. With a grass finish, when installed correctly, T-PAVE TP40 will provide a hard-wearing, robust and permeable free draining surface that would have an expected lifetime of many years. T-PAVE TP40 grass pavers have been deliberately designed to allow excellent grass root entanglement with the paver to resist dynamic loadings and will also encourage strong, vibrant and sustainable grass growth. Please see our installation and design guidance documents for further information

T-PAVE TP40 grass pavers are supplied in easy to handle square grids which interlock with adjacent paving grids to create a stable and robust surface. The plastic pavers have a 40mm deep open honeycomb structure which promotes excellent root growth where a grass surface is preferred. Pavers have integral 25mm ground spikes that provide additional support and negate lateral displacement which is key where moving vehicles are in operation.

T-PAVE TP40 paving grids have been manufactured using specially selected 100% recycled plastics that have the qualities that are required for a strong, long-lasting, stable product suitable for the designed traffic load. These include;-

* UV stabilisation to stop degradation by sunlight.

* Tested to 250T/m², capable of withstanding cars, vans, trucks and lorries.

* Paver profile allows expansion on warmer days or in direct sunlight when required to stop lifting.

* Plastic selection to allow use in cold temperatures – some plastic will become fragile when cold.

* Open structure to allow unhindered water permeability.

* Paver design maximises support and stability from either a gravel or a grass root structure.

* All plastics used are stable, chemically inert and are not toxic so are suitable for normal soil conditions.

T-PAVE TP40 porous plastic paving grids have been designed to meet the demands laid down by local government regarding flood alleviation and SUDS requirements (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems). T-PAVE TP40 pavers provide a porous / permeable pavement surface that allows rainwater / flood water to infiltrate through the paver surface and fill material into the subgrade below. T-PAVE TP40 can be used as part of a source control layer within a SUDS design.