Silt Fence

During earthworks in most construction projects, it can be difficult to protect land which is susceptible to erosion. These soil deposits not only increase the chance of flooding to the surrounding area, but also can seriously damage aquatic habitats. EU regulations demand land is kept in good agricultural and environmental condition and a breach can result in hefty fines, along with expensive clearing costs.

Lotrak® Silt Fence is specifically designed as a temporary barrier to control the movement of soil during groundworks. A woven, porous, UV stable membrane, Lotrak® Silt Fence allows water to filter through, retaining and preventing sediment build-up in rivers, streams and drainage courses.

Installation and Maintenance

Lotrak® Silt Fence is easily installed with a specially designed vented area which allows simple attachment to posts and can also be further reinforced with fence wire along the top edge. Lotrak® Silt Fence is reusable, allowing for easy position adjustments during the lifetime of the project or for use as a temporary solution to soil erosion in wet seasons.

Fence placement is very important and it is essential the fence line exactly follows the contours of the land. The use of GPS is recommended to ensure correct fence positioning, as incorrect placement can result in storm water running over the top and around the sides of the area, causing erosion.

To aid correct installation, Lotrak® Silt Fence incorporates marker lines for optimum burial depth, indicating the level where the lower edge of the material should be dug in. Spacing between posts should be no more than 1.5m, and long runs of fencing should also be avoided.

Silt accumulation levels are also marked to provide a method of constantly monitoring the performance of the fence and ensure adjustments can be made before any damage is done.
Protection of watercourse using Lotrak® Silt Fence
Specially designed vented area for easy fixing to fence posts

Silt Fence
Silt Fence