Permeable Paving Systems

A driving force behind the use of permeable paving was the introduction in 2008 of legislation and practices known collectively as Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS), aimed at helping to control and reduce water run-off from properties and the overloading of the local drainage network. Permeable paving is one solution for meeting the requirements of SuDS as it can absorb and disperse surface water safely into the ground beneath.

Terrablue can offer a range of Permeable Paving Solutions for a variety of applications ranging from domestic driveways, car parks to emergency vehicle access roads, including the highly versatile;-

T-Pave 40 – Interlocking Cellular Paving Grid

Terrablue T-Pave 40 grass and gravel pavers are an interlocking cellular paving grid system for grass and ground reinforcement applications where there is regular pedestrian or vehicle use.

T-Pave 40 permeable paving grids can be installed with either a grass or gravel filled surface and allow full rainwater penetration. Manufactured from UV stabilised 100% recycled HDPE, in black or green, T-Pave 40 plastic pavers are strong, chemically inert & non-toxic, enabling them to provide a durable, safe & sustainable eco-friendly surface for trafficked areas.

T-Pave 40 grass pavers are a cost effective solution to worn & rutted grassed areas, displaced gravel and for Source Control of surface water run-off. CellPave 40 paving grids are designed to be installed onto a well prepared, free-draining and relatively even surface using either a ‘Reduced-Dig System’ or by employing a full sub-base construction incorporating a geogrid reinforcement layer. The ground reinforcement paving grids simply connect together and are filled with either a sand : soil rootzone and seeded for use as grass pavers which provides a visually pleasant and stable surface structure through which grass can be grown, or filled with an angular gravel for use as a gravel retention reinforcement surface. Construction profiles for each application will be determined by the specific site conditions & loading criteria. Detailed design literature and technical support are downloadable.

Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS)

The grass reinforcement paver grids have a very open cell structure allowing unrestricted healthy grass root growth and water infiltration and can be used as part of a sustainable urban drainage system (SUDS). The paver grids also incorporate 25mm ‘ground-spikes’ on the base which fix through the adjacent paving grid’s edge-loops to provide the entire structure with firm anchorage and structural integrity and making them easy to install at rates of up to 100m² per hour. CellPave 40 grass pavers should be installed onto a firm level sub-base (typically a DoT Type 3 or porous sub-base). The thickness of this base is dependant on the existing ground conditions and the design load specifications. Please contact our technical team for further details.

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