Terrablue offer a range of high quality geosynthetic products for;-
Source Control and Ground Engineering applications, including;-
Separation, Stabilisation, Filtration, Membrane Protection, Silt Control

Inclusions of different sorts have been used since roman times when constructing roads and stabilising ground.

Those early attempts were made with natural fibres, fabrics or vegetation mixed with selected soils to improve road quality. Unfortunately these materials fail eventually due to biodegradation.

With todays modern geosynthetics that isn’t a problem, and by incorporating these products, your schemes and structures can now be engineered to a high degree of accuracy and performance.

Woven Geotextiles – Basic separation grades to High Performance Reinforcing grades

Non Woven Geotextiles – Separation, Filtration and Protection

Silt Containment – Silt Fence

Geomembranes – Lining and Containment. PP, LLDPE, HDPE, EPDM, Butyl