D-Raintank – Freeway Jetting and Cleaning Units DN/OD 250


– Freeway is jointed at each D-Raintank module abutment to provide a continuous conduit right through the stormwater storage installation.

– Impervious invert allows sub-storm rainfall, summer trickle and attendant silts to pass directly through the storage facility.

– Perforated soffit releases stormwater into D-Raintank.

– Manufactured from compact UPVC with a wall thickness of 8.2mm, Freeway can be jetted.

– Enables the whole installation to be flushed out both for routine maintenance and in the event of upstream silt traps overflowing.

This has been fully tested and complies with standard D-Raintank loadings.

Note: An additional outlet pipe will be required at D-Raintank installation invert level to evacuate the bottom 200mm of the installation including the flush.