D-Raintank Attenuation Crates

The D-Raintank is the Tried, Tested and Versatile answer to the effective management of excessive rainfall and the reduction of flood risk. Due to their light weight ( 15kg) and ease of handling, D-Raintank units can be quickly assembled and configured on site to achieve the optimum configuration for each site.
The D-Raintank system comes with a complete range of supporting products;- including inlet and outlet chambers with filters and flow control options, lining membranes, pre-fabricated “shoebox” liners and geotextiles

The D-Raintank® manages two important tasks: subsurface water attenuation and infiltration. The D-Raintank® combines high storage capacity with an enormous stability for underground use. It is an element made up of statically calculated grids, completely enclosed by geotextile. The single tanks may be positioned according to the space conditions. This combination allows for rainwater reservoirs to be created where atmospheric water be first collected and then drained away or piped.

Surfaces to be drained include:

– Roofs

– Sports facilities

– Pavements

– Terrace and yard surfaces

– Park and footpaths

Following the removal of substances in the framework of preparatory treatment measures, the surface water from the following surfaces can then be drained:

– Car parks/ garage accesses

– Roads

– Other sealed surfaces

Local and Water authority specifications must be taken into consideration since they can vary.


Product name: D-Raintank
D-Raintank L/W/H = 810 / 840 / 400 mm
Volume: 272 litres 3.67 pc. = 1.0 m³ gross volume
Colour: black
Material: PP
Installation guideline: Supplier's installation guidelines
Installation conditions: Up to 3 layers. Max 2.0m Cover. min. covering for cars up to 2.5 t = 0.4 m min. covering for HGV 60 = 1.0 m
Range of application: Rainwater infiltration Rainwater retention Rainwater storage
Accessories: Connection elements Rinsing elements Deaeration elements Geotextile Cleaning and flow regulation manholes with cast covering Assembly clips
Special features: Variable arrangement (line, block) High storage capacity (95%) Low weight, simple installation Reduced earthwork in comparison to traditional infiltration ditches resulting in time and cost saving System can be rinsed thanks to special rinsing elements