Lotrak Alarm 18 High Visibility Warning Layer

Highly visible, Lotrak® Alarm 18 has been specifically developed as a contaminated ground warning or marker barrier. Don & Low have drawn on their expertise and knowledge of this market sector and this combination of factors has resulted in the development of this multi- functional geotextile material. With increasing demand for good building land, reclamation of industrial zones is becoming more common place and potential hazards are now often buried and contained underground as an alternative to removal. Good environmental practice utilises Lotrak® Alarm 18 to notify future contractors and excavators of these hidden hazards.

Hazard identification using Lotrak® Alarm 18

Lotrak® Alarm 18

Based on well-established Lotrak® 1800, Lotrak®

Alarm18 performs excellently as a separating geotextile in a wide range of civil engineering applications. With good tensile and CBR properties, the additional strong visual appearance offers added benefits as an underground warning system.


Key benefits of the Lotrak® Alarm 18
High Visibility Warning Barriers:
Highly visual
Easy to install
Proven geotextile performance
UV resistant and durable
Manufactured under ISO Quality Management and the Construction Products Regulation